Don Simon Tompel

Innovator Creator Developer

I am a visionary, innovator, inventor, designer, software architect, programmer, information manager, initiator, founder, developer, mentor, consultant, presenter, creative director, content manager, publisher, editor, producer, photographer, videographer, journalist, curator of exhibitions, angel investor, entrepreneur, leader of various communities, personal and lifestyle marketer, cultural and media organizer.


I use my knowledge, experience, skills, and character to promote a healthier society and synergy and mostly concentrates on creating solutions for innovation, product development, information, collaboration, and marketing, which provide a wider circle of people, companies, and citizens associations with a possibility to receive and share the information they need, make themselves and their services more visible to others and find new friends, business associates, and clients and also to participate in different cooperation projects together. I also make an effort for people to have more positive thoughts, emotions, and a safer society.


I was born in Estonia and I am Estonian by nationality though I am more temperamental, open-minded, lively, and bolder than you’d expect from an Estonian. I like to communicate and express my thoughts freely. I often spice up spoken and written language with puns, proverbs, and humor.

My date of birth is and astrologically I was born as a lion in a tiger year. Socionically my personality type is EIE - ENFJ.

ENFJs make up 2% of the general population, there are fewer men than women. Famous ENFJs include Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, Francois Mitterrand, Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, Michael Jordan, Johnny Depp, Sean Connery, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones, Denzel Washington, Freddie Mercury, U2 Bono, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Abraham Maslow.

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In addition to EIE - ENFJ personality type features, some of the best qualities in my nature also include overactivity (energy for taking action), curiosity, empathy, good communication skills, good memory, and intuition, ability to analyze and to see connections, and to generate ideas in every kind of field.

When I’m in the middle of a creative process I am also able to visualize the end goal clearly and experience the feelings and the end result as if in a realistic dream - this helps me to foresee and prevent mistakes.


I am curious by nature and therefore the list of interests is long, but the most important ones are social entrepreneurship, social science, psychology, psychography, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, web standards, architecture, small houses, smart furniture, off-grid solutions, self-sustaining city, smart settlements, in harmony with nature lifestyle, rural life, universal design, accessibility, photography and different lifestyles, professions, people.

My interests are often project-based. When I take on a new project I plunge deep into the topic and I will also gather all the information on the topic at hand. For example when the task at hand is to solve problems for a particular location then there is also a wide range of interests in this regard.


It is often difficult to tell the difference between work and hobby because most activities are a mixture of both.

Reading and collecting information material is the greatest hobby for me. For example, the materials I read include know-how on different topics, manuals, textbooks, info about different research studies, university students' thesis, legislation… This information is also useful for generating and formalizing ideas.

To balance my excessive brain work I engage in different social activities, I also do gardening and I like cutting grass with a scythe or trimmer, I also like to massages people and I like physical training. I also organize various club activities.

What kind of people do I like?

The quality of life depends very much on who we interact with and do different things with - so it is important that people fit well together.

For me opened communication, a sense of security, friendship, cooperation, and synergy are very important in every aspect, be it my work or personal life.

Most of all I like responsible people who practice a lifestyle in harmony with nature are friendly, good-willed, act naturally, and who dare to express their thoughts and feelings openly and directly and communicate on any subject and who are also interested in joining in a variety of different joint activities.


As I am mostly busy with creative activities which demand maximum concentration I prefer to communicate via e-mail or LinkedIn messages rather than by phone.